Many businesses struggle to hire the best salespeople for their company, which can quickly become an expensive mistake. It can take about three months to hire a salesperson, three months to train them and six months to identify and remove them if they are underperforming. This means there will probably be over a year in which your company is not making the sales it should be, making it extremely important to get it right first time.
The reason for this is often that the company is not looking in the right places or for the right kind of person. Hiring salespeople is different from making hires for other positions. There are many factors that are difficult to quantify, with personality and cultural fit often being more important than knowledge or experience. While the latter qualities are of course desirable in candidates, they are generally things that people can be trained in, whereas the former are not.
For this reason, it is important to consider a number of soft skills, such as determination, listening skills, passion, motivation, rapport, confidence and commitment. Many of these factors are difficult to assess in a short face-to-face interview, which is why at Hays Sales, our consultants take the time to get to know our candidates as well as our clients, so that they can always make the best recommendations for both parties.
Hays Sales are experts at identifying talent and work closely with both clients and candidates to understand your individual hiring requirements. To find out more about how our expert consultants can help you, please visit

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